Giving Back a Word

Confronted with a thirteen-letter, five-syllable word in Russian 101, what’s a beginner to do? Like most of us, I froze like a deer in the headlights. But I resolved to take this verbal monster to the language lab, where we were required to practice. A middle-aged woman whose heavy accent assured me she was the […]

On Foxes and Atheists

Somebody I don’t know said “There are no atheists in fox holes.” And long before, Someone I wish I knew said “Even foxes have their holes.” Considering these lines, I am thinking – How hard it is to be a fox – or an atheist. Yes indeed, hard to be an atheist When the cherry […]

Playboy For the Articles – Yes, Really!

The recent announcement that starting next year, Playboy will no longer display nude photos brought back an incident from my teen years. This memory snapped my brain with the force of a branch flying back when you’re following a friend along a dark path. That friend was my father, Daddio. By the time I was […]

Torn by the Rainbow

Dancing in the street leaves me weeping in my room. My spirit dizzies at the vector To walk the tightrope of this spectrum. I have witnessed the many-yeared approach to now Of what today may become by law a vow, And open-hearted, I ask, Setting my spirit to the task, “Is it society atoning, honing, […]


You child, maddened and maddening, Rushing about the town, Crayons of red, of blue, of pink and purple, too, To scribble all over trees, brightening bushes, dotting flowers; All of this is in your powers. Hopping from sweetest sun to raging rain, You beat us at our divination; All, weather, too, is your new creation […]


You snow-toothed, crocus-tailed double dealer, you! Your name reflects Roman calls to war, But older still, your sun recalls the spring. We tread the threshold with your weeks, To wind, then calming breezes, still light, And we feel more than we see New life coming our way. You alone have the “Ides” we fear – […]

Island Village Ashore

A few generations ago, there was a village by the sea. People lived by fishing, crafting and a bit of rejoicing amidst the knowledge that no matter what, they had their sea and their island. Grandparents knowingly told the smallest in the village their own grandparents’ grandparents’ stories of captive journeys from other lands, of […]